What is Grill KoZey   ?


An insulate grill lid cover designed to improve performance of your outdoor grill. The cover keeps the heat under the lid so your grill heats up quicker, your food comes off faster and you save energy!

Why Grill KoZey   ?


Living in Michigan, it is almost impossible to grill outdoors. Through trial and error, we found that by protecting the grill lid from wind or covering it with insulation helped get the grill up to temperature while cooking the food much faster. Since the first prototype cover was put in place, the following advantages are clear:

  1. Extends grilling season in cold weather climates making it easier for the grill to maintain heat. Up to 120% improvement in recovery time every time you raise and lower the lid.

  2. Positive environment impact: shortens grill cycle by as much as 20%. Get 3-4 more cook-outs per tank of LP!*

  3. Year ‘round grillin’ with as much as 98F higher temperatures on the cooking grate in cool weather in the first FIVE minutes!*

How does it work?

The Grill Kozey is made from a high temperature material that acts like a blanket or insulation on your grill lid. It keeps your cooking area warmer & helps it recover heat faster when you open and close the lid. Your grill produces all the heat, the Grill KoZey helps “keep the heat” under the lid!

* Third party test results         enclosed

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